This factory is one of the largest LED manufacturing facilities in mainland China. Providing both “off the shelf” and custom produced LEDs using a wide range of chips, the company has the engineering expertise to meet your LED needs whatever they may be. The company also has a full engineering and design staff committed to assisting you in getting your product idea from design to prototype to final manufacturing in a professional and smooth progression. It currently provides OEM product to some of the largest retailers in the USA. provide a quality product that rivals any regardless of its point of manufacture.

ProductsCNC MachiningFine Blank Stampings LED Rubber Molding PCB PCB Assembly Plastic Molding Transformers and InductorsPrecision Metal Extrusions





37 Huali St.,Suite 201, No.2 Zhongshan Rd. Zhongshan, GD PRC 528402
Tel: 0760.888.9170 | Fax: 0760.888.9175